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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 11, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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outsourcing a good deal of -- of american jobs himself by putting money into energy companies, solar and wind energy companies that end up make their products outside the utes. if there's an outsourcer in chief it's the president in the united states, not the guy running to replace him. >> governor romney, in the business of outsourcing called pioneers. my experience has been working with outstanding members of labor and great managers to save the american auto industry. and as long as i'm president, i will keep fighting to make sure jobs are located here in the united states of america. >> meanwhile, the battle is growing over how much of the bush era tax cuts to extend. just to the middle class or to the wealthiest americans as well? both candidates invoked bill clinton to frame their strategies. >> i mean, the very idea of raising taxes on small business
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and job creators at the very time we need more jobs is the sort of thing only an extreme liberal could come up with. this is the sort of thing that used to be in the democratic party in the times past. bill clinton called himself a new democrat pshgs he put that behind pimm. pe believes in smaller government, reformed welfare as we knew it and tried to get the economy going with trade, other provisions, lower taxes. look, new democrats have done good things. a lot of republicans have done some good things but this old style liberalism of bigger and bigger government and tax has got to end and we will end it in november. >> anybody making over $250,000 a year including me we were go back to the tax rates we were playing under bill clinton. a time when our economy created 22 million new job, biggest budget surplus in history and created plenty of millionaires to boot.
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>> vice president biden spent tuesday speaking to the hispanic community in las vegas. biden took a jab at mitt romney over his stance on illegal immigration policy and his refusal to turn over more tax returns. >> when his father was a candidate for president in 1968, his father released 12 years of tax returns, because he said, and i quote, "one year could be a fluke. perhaps done for show." that was his father. his son has released only one year of his tax returns. making a lie of the old adage, like father, like son. he wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his. >> romney said tuesday there's nothing hidden in his returns. his campaign has called the continued questioning from obama's camp "unseemly and disgusting." turning oversea, rush is working to dramatically step up leverage
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over the conflict syria by sending near lay dozen warships to the region. some of those ship are expected to dock at the syrian port on the mediterranean. it's moscow's only foreign military base outside the former soviet union, explaining why russia is taking such pains to help assad and keep him from leaving power. on the situation in syria, 15 countries decide whether or not to extend a monitoring mission in the country. nbc's reporter joins us live from cairo. first, ayman what do you make of the role russia is playing in syria? >> reporter: well, there's a few ways to really look at this, jonathan. one, russia has been a big supporter of president assad. they have protected him in the diplomatic arena as they have vetoed sanctioned that would have called for tougher ankzs
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and provided an umbrella he will not be forced to step down under international pressure perp russia is involved. disdeployment of warships sbeptsbept ed interpreted in a few different ways saying russians are deploying to protect russian citizens and assets in the country if indeed they need to be evacuated. others say russia is trying to flex its muscles saying its military presence in the region will make it unlikely any western or foreign intervention will take place so long as their present inside and nearby the country. >> so ayman, the u.n. is considering extending their mission there, but can they do anything to stop the bloodshed? >> reporter: well, by most accounts, that u.n. mission has famed, because in its own assessment it has suspended its operations for the better part of the last month or so. so the u.n. itself is no longer observing the fragile cease-fire that actually took place when it began. has it been able to stop the violence? the short answer, no, it has not
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been able to. that's why many are calming on the u.n. to bring about a different approach. this observer mission has not stopped the violence and more importantly, neither side is abiding by it. >> ayman, turn to egypt. a tense situation playing out between the newly elected president and the military establishment. what's the risk the tension will spill out into the streets? >> reporter: well, there's no doubt that tension is once again building in egypt after a week of relative calm, because, again, late last evening the supreme constitutional court here issued its decision that the executive order that was issued by president tureen after discovered was unconstitutional. that means that the egyptian parliament democratically elected back in november now has officially been dissolved. no legal course, no appealing the decision. it raises tensions between the new president and the judicial and supreme council of the armed forces, both supported the dissolution of parliament. now the support, taken to the
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streets, supporters of the president. what will happen trying new tactics and bringing back this parliament. >> thank you. traders are hoping for a better open today after tuesday marked the fourth straight day. the dow fell. an early look at markets as we get all up in your business this morning. cnbc's karen choe join us us in london. karen, june was the best month for stocks since 1993. what will it take to get out of this mini slump? >> well, we're going right through corporate earnings season now. it's a difficult time for investors in the states. the turning point seemed to be the fourth of july a fairly decent run-up until independence day. after that, market falling in a straight line. the s&p 500 in particular down. now, the extent of the fall yesterday, the same. month to date, the main indices
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are low, order of 1%, 2%, still high for the year above what's been considered revisions to the outlook and we have every couple of weeks out numbers in the session yesterday, i.t. stocks likes of a & d, sales numbers and four year estimates, the engine makers cummins warning about numbers coming out of emerging markets this time, relaxed brazil, china and india. they're seizing upon this, investors. the likes of europe and the united states are weak. the growth story emerging markets proving to be not as strong as many people expected. so that's why you're seeing markets start to sell off at the moment, jonathan. >> so, c nbc is out with their list for the best states of business. texas is at the very top. why is that? >> yes, jonathan. dallas-ft. worth, houston, topping the ranks of these, and the best backdrop to do business. a couple categories, ten in
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fact, cnbc ranked this on. texas in terms of where it won. it had the nation's best infrastructure according to the study. we had second place, for texas in terms of technology innovation. it was the third and lowest cost of living in having just come back from texas, i must say that the tex-mex was pretty cheap among other terms, shopping extremely cheap. the workforce improved to seventh best in the country from 14th last year. access to capital was down a little bit, but also worth noting, the economy was extremely strong with a aaa bond rating and a stable outlook of the runners up, of course, were utah and virginia. >> interesting. karen, thanks. still ahead on "way too early," highlights from a baseball blowout in the all-star game last night. we'll have the highlights and break down by everyone was wearing mismatched uniforms. what was up with that? plus -- the drama is building for the olympic games in london after the work ethic of gold medalist
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as the sun seems to have already come up over your nation's capital. you're looking at the capitol dome here in washington. let's get a check on your weather now from nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> jonathan, missing the 100-degree heat? >> no. >> only, like, 90 yesterday. that was it. must have felt like nobody needed the ac. >> felt great. wonderful. >> not that humid, either. enjoy it while it lasts. soon it will return to a lot of area, especially right around sdpeep as far as the worst weather in the country this morning to miami, florida. thunderstorms right overhead and a lot of heavy rain going right through south florida. this will eventually try to work its way towards the naples area. to miami, florida city, probably give it another half hour or so of this really heavy rain. then probably light showers after that. as far as the rest of the forecast goes, another great mid-july weather pattern. talk to off this week for vacation, like willie did, chose
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wise. low humidity. enjoyable today from new england tluch the beaches of jersey down through ocean city, maryland. nice weather through the great lakes, too. temperatures in the 80s. rite where we should be this time of year. still warm. not excessably warm, like last week. same for minneapolis, chicago. temperatures in the 90s this time of year and getting towards the peak of the summer season we call it. usually the third week of july is when temperatures average the hottest across the country. no cool air out there, so it continues very warm. as far as what we're looking at even for tomorrow, the forecast pretty much remains the same. southeast dealing with the wet weather and we need it, jonathan. it's one story or another. although we're done with the really excessive, crazy heat, the drought situation in areas like georgia, and arkansas and colorado haven't gotten any better. >> do we have any plans for any rain at any time coming up anytime soon? to eleave yaft the drought? >> georgia through the southeast and kind of cruel, actually. areas of tennessee and kentucky
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could get rain. arkansas will mostly miss out. where the farmers need it the most, arkansas, illinois and indiana. >> thanks, bill. buckle up, you know what time it is? time for sports. baseball's best gathered in kansas city for the 83rd annual all-star game. american league looking for a win. the senior circuit didn't waste time getting on the board. smoking the justin brewlander pitch off's wall into right. coming around to score and the national league take as 1-0 lead. later in the inning, verlander in trouble with the bases loaded. pablo sandoval hits one deep to right field, staying in the yard. jose bautista has a hard time tracking it down. three runs score and sandoval not known for speed pulls up at third with a triple. more fireworks courtesy of the san francisco giants in the
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fourth. ka brash cabrera, and tries to slap a former teammate. he leaves his hanging. look that. the national league fifth inning, the mets david wright hits one back to the pitcher and bryce harper shows his youth and gets caught in the rundown for the second oufrt inning. bottom half of the same inning. mike napoli hits a routine fly ball to hamprper. he loses it in the twilight. not a great all-star debut for harper, 0-1 with a walk and strikeout in addition to his problems in the field. sixth inning. 40-year-old chipper jones set to retire at end of the season comes to the plate to a standing ovation. he sneaks one through the right side for a single, and stands at first base soaking in the last all-star game of his career. the national league wins in a
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rout 8-0. 11 national league players combined for the shutout melky cabrera named the most valuable player in his all-star game debut. controversy out of the u.s. olympic swimming team now where first-time olympic tyler clary saying the worth ethic of his teammate, 14time gold medalist michael phelps leaves something to be desired. told southern california's press enterprise newspaper in part, "i saw a real lack of preparation from phelps. basically a swimmer that didn't want to be there. i saw it. i know. it's different. and i saw somebody basically asking to get beat for the longest time." phelps admitted in this month's issue of "details" magazine he gained 25 pounds after the 2008 beijing games and snuck out of practice occasionally once he resumed training. clary apologized to fiphelps vi
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twitter. some be in apologize in person anymore? meanwhile, phelps has yet to make a comment about the matter. and women's pro football. this bench-clearing brawl between the boston militia and washington, d.c. the own d.c. divas this past saturday in somerville, massachusetts. the two teams are longtime rivals and tension had been building throughout the game as trash talk eventually turned physical. police eventually were called in to intervene and at least one player on the boston side has plans to file charge against players on the opposing team. in case you were wondering, boston won the game 55-34 to stay undefeated on the year. coming up in the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama and mitt romney battle over the legacy of bill clinton. the "morning joe" crew breaks down how bubba is taking a leading role in the presidential campaign.
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we told you at the top of the show outsourcing has become a key economic issue in this presidential election with president obama and mitt romney accusing each other of sending american jobs overseas. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that according to research inc. a total of 3.4 million u.s. jobs could moveoffshore by 2015 leading to a necessary loss of 300,000 american jobs per year. the u.s. bureau's economic analysis estimates that between 2004 and 2010 foreign affiliates have large american companies hired 2 million workers while just 600,000 jobs were added by the companies at home. enough of this. enough with the real news. gather around the water cooler to watch vice president joe biden bring another bidenism speaking to a hispanic advocacy group in las vegas recalling the thin walls of his childhood home. >> wonderful for children, by
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the way. having a grandpop live with you. having your great-aunt, your uncle, for real. those walls were awful thin. i wondered how my parents did it, but that's a different story. i know you don't know anything about that. i know none of you in your families have done the same thing. understand that at all. i know that. >> i want him to come over for thanksgiving. it's politicians gone wild, kind of. we reported on monday about the weekend wedding between congressman barney frank and longtime partner james ready. as it so happened, nancy pelosi tore it up on the dance floor during saturday's wedding reception. ♪ >> pelosi and frank's best man dancing to zz top's "sharp dressed man." pelosi also got down to "it's
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raining men" and also "single ladies." pelosi must have taken cues from first lady michelle obama who danced the doug iedougie. and who could forget her husband's appearance on the "ellen degeneres show," and in 2009, happily dancing with local women, and my person favorite. former president george w. bush let loose with african dancer during malaria awareness day ceremony in the rose garden in 2007 and showed off his drumming capabilities. wait. here's the best, favorite part. here comes. and -- here comes -- he's doing the hand jive thing. there it is. that, right there. that guy is smooth. he is so good.
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still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? you're moving, tweets, texts, e-mails are next and "morning joe" now just moments away.
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asked you, why are you awake? we have your answers. >> who writes, we think you're playing coy with your sports knowledge. fes up. >> i have you all fooled. all fooled. thanks, john. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ 0-2 the count, runner at first, one out. fly ball into left. bryce harper. can't see it. it goes behind him. it's two on with one out. a at no point did he act like he
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couldn't see it until it basically landed behind him. >> nobody is there to help him. no short stop. too deep for the short stop to come out. here he lost the ball. >> wow. >> good morning. a live shot there for you of washington, d.c. it is wednesday, july 11th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set in washington we have msnbc chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of "andrea mitchell reports," andrea mitchell. >> let me just say -- >> oh. i'm a little distracted. >> for the purposes of this morning -- mets fan. bryce harper is [ inaudible ]. >> are we going to start right there. >> he's only 19. >> cute thing. >> for a guy that cooky you should be able to catch a pop-up. >> really? interesting. >> come on. have you ever looked at those lights. >> oh, that's bad. >> hate when that happens. >> andrea, you're going to defend that? >> absolutely. >> could i


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